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    Friday, May 8, 2015   /   by Martin Millner

    The Best Mother’s Day Ever

    When you were a child, what do you remember most about Mother’s Day? More than likely, you remember making homemade crafts such as necklaces made of macaroni, drawing a card, or even helping to make mom breakfast.
    Believe it or not, that’s what moms remember the most as well. And when we’re young, those are great ways to share our appreciation and love. But, Mother’s Day doesn’t have to stop there.
    Mother’s Day can be used to appreciate all moms – ones we have encountered over the years through work, friends, and even mentored us along the way.
    Take some time this Mother’s Day to show appreciation to all the moms in your life. Some great ways to show your appreciation could be offering to plant their garden, take them out shopping, make a handmade card, or simply take a walk together to catch up. Those moments together can mean more than you think!
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    Friday, May 1, 2015   /   by Martin Millner

    Biking and Bucks County – Perfect Together!

    Drive through Bucks County and most likely you experience the beauty of rolling hills, fields, covered bridges, trees, and beautiful homes. Just imagine how much more you could experience if you explored Bucks County on your bike.
    May is National Bike Month, which makes it an even better excuse to explore our region on our local trails and back roads. You may find covered bridges you never knew existed, dirt roads that might be fun to explore, and scenery that you never knew we had in our region. Just be sure, whenever you ride, that you observe some basic safety rules:
    1.   Be sure to observe all traffic signals and signs.
    2.   Wear a helmet – and don’t wear headphones.
    3.   Always ride with the flow of traffic.
    Some of the trails in our area that can be great for both biking and hiking are found in Doylestown, Newtown Township, and Langhorne. If you are interested in biking to explore our amazing communities and surroundi ...

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    Tuesday, April 28, 2015   /   by Martin Millner

    Bucks County – A Creative Place To Live

    Most have heard Bucks County is famous for its landmarks and covered bridges, but did you know we are also quite well known for some great authors?

    In 1932, “The Good Earth” written by Pearl S. Buck of Perkasie won a Pulitzer Prize as well as a Nobel Prize. She was known for her work as an advocate for women’s and minority rights. Guided tours of her 1825 farmhouse are available. The National Landmark also boasts a gift shop, amazing gardens and special events.

    James A. Michener wrote over 40 books, most of which incorporated history as well as local geographic family sagas. He won a Pulitzer Prize for “Tales of the South Pacific” in 1948. Located in Doylestown, the James A. Michener Art Museum shows the artistic beauty of Bucks County.

    Ever heard of the Berenstain Bears? Authors Stan and Jan Berenstain of Solebury became well known in 1962, when the first Berenstain Bears book was published.

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    Friday, April 17, 2015   /   by Martin Millner

    Avoid Allergies This Year! Really!

    For those of us in Bucks County who suffer from allergies, we know the misery. Itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, stuffy nose, dry throat – and you just feel miserable. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania has a pretty high allergen rate – our trees and plants just seem to trigger allergies in many throughout the region and state. But, believe it or not, there are things you can do to reduce your misery and help you feel better.
     If it’s windy outside, try to limit your time outdoors. The wind kicks the pollen out of the trees and off plants, greatly increasing your risk for being affected by allergens and pollen.
    Clean out flower beds. You’ll want to get rid of any ragweed and other weeds – believe it or not, those weeds carry the highest pollen counts (other than certain trees such as maple, cedar and oak). The trick is that you’ll want to clean out ragweed before it blooms. If you aren’t too sure ...

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    Friday, March 27, 2015   /   by Martin Millner

    The Perfect Time To Sell

    Everyone – just take a deep breath and take a look outside. The snow is finally gone, and we can see the very beginning of little buds forming on our trees. Spring is here – soon our yards will have green grass and flowers will bloom!
    Spring is the perfect time to sell your home. Potential home buyers enjoy the freshly-planted flowers next to your front walkway, the beautiful colors of flowering trees in your backyard, and the sweet smells which only spring can offer.
    Selling your home gives spring cleaning a new meaning. If you are currently thinking of selling your home, be sure to pack up any personal items such as family photos. It makes it much easier for potential home buyers to picture themselves in the home when they are not looking at your child on the refrigerator. If a room is cluttered, place some excess furniture in a storage unit to provide more space – this step will also allow a room to appear larger.
    Outdoo ...

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